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Our Competition Schedule

Following is our tentative competition schedule for the 2018 show season! Continue to check back as we add to it.


February 11th - Jumper Show at Westbrook Hunt Club

February 18th - Reindeer Show at Westbrook Hunt Club

March 25th - Reindeer Show at Westbrook Hunt Club

April 8th - Reindeer Show at Westbrook Hunt Club

April 14th - 2-phase and Dressage at Mystic Valley

April 28th, 29th - Rated Dressage at Mystic Valley

May 5th - XC Derby at Horse Power Farm

May 6th - Riga Meadow Combined Test 

May 13th - 2-phase and Dressage at Westbrook Hunt Club

May 20th - Kent School Horse Trials

May 26th - Mystic Valley Horse Trials

June 3rd - Frazier Farm Horse Trials

July 15th - Riga Meadow Horse Trials

August 24th - FEH at Town Hill Horse Trials

2018 Coaching Fees:

Horse Trials: $100 (includes xc and sj course walk)

Combined Tests: $75 (includes sj course walk)

XC Derbies: $50 (includes course walk)

Dressage: $25/test

H/J Shows: $35/division

Trailering: $1.00/mile plus gas

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