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Equine Assisted Therapy and Activities

Individual sessions are $65/hour

Our equine assisted psychotherapy program is run by our therapeutic riding director, Donna Latella. To learn more about Donna, visit the "Our Team" page.

The following therapeutic riding programs are offered to all ages:


Focus is on working with the natural rhythm of the horse as the primary treatment method. Hippotherapy is provided by the Occupational Therapist who also uses specific treatments and skills to achieve goals. Example: The smooth movement of the horse at the walk can be calming while faster movement can increase focus on a task.

Therapeutic Riding Instruction

Focus is on teaching riding skills by adapting the teaching techniques, methods, tools, and tack specific to the needs of the rider. Examples include: Adapting reins to allow the rider to grip them properly or providing one step at a time instructions in order to learn a task.

Equine Mental Health and Learning Programs

Many participants may choose not to ride or are unable to ride a horse. Equine Learning Programs focus on groundwork such as grooming, bathing, and leading a horse. The goals of this program include: Increasing vocational skills, exploring leisure activity, increasing confidence, practicing safety skills, and learning specific details about horses. Many individuals can learn how to cope with stress, decrease anxiety, and find a positive environment working with the horse. Most importantly, the participant can develop a strong emotional bond with the horse.

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